Woods that Don't Tolerate Interior Wood Sealer Woods that Don't Tolerate Interior Wood Sealer

Wood sealer isn’t appropriate to use on all types of wood. If you are looking to finish your interior wooden furniture you should make sure that wood sealer won’t damage it. If you find that the type of wood you are sealing doesn’t tolerate wood sealers you should look for an alternative method. Here are some of the woods that don’t tolerate sealer well

Balsa Wood

Balsa is an exceptionally lightweight and has a very open grain. Using a wood sealer will damage this delicate wood. A spray oil polish is better to use with balsa.


Simply leave teak to weather for a month before placing it in your home. This will encourage the natural wood oils to rise to the surface and protect the wood. Wood sealer will inhibit these natural oils.


Mahogany is a very dense wood with it’s own natural oils. A wood sealer will stop these oils from giving the wood a natural protective layer. If you are looking to seal mahogany you should instead use a beeswax or a green oil based polish.


Like mahogany, redwood is also best treated with a natural oil polish or beeswax rather than a chemical wood sealer. It is a dense and also valuable wood that you should take care of.

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