Woodworking Table Designs Woodworking Table Designs

Woodworking table designs are created to accommodate woodworking actions such as sawing, sanding, scrolling or carving. These tables can differ quite significantly depending on the specific purpose of the unit. The type of woodworking involved, for example, can dictate the size, form and function of a woodworking table.

Machine Woodworking Table Designs

When a woodworking table is created to hold a particular machine, its usability will likely be limited to the machine in question. Some saws, for example, come with their own woodworking table upon which to use the cutting devices. Some machine woodworking table models include:

  • Woodworking routers;
  • Planers;
  • Table saws;
  • Band saws.

Woodworking Desk Specifications

Some woodworking tables are specialty designs created by do-it-yourselfers to accommodate their work or hobbies. Woodworking desk models, for example, might be designed to store hand woodworking tools with an actual work surface on top. Woodworking table designs might also be created to accommodate the use of such machines as sanders and other machines that do not necessarily come with a built-in table for operation.

Creating a woodworking table for personal use can be a fairly simple do-it-yourself project. Plans for standard woodworking table designs are very basic, but do call for durable materials.


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