Wool Carpet Cleaning Wool Carpet Cleaning

What You'll Need
Mild liquid detergent
Sponge mop
Several towels

Wool carpet cleaning requires more care and detail than synthetic carpets. Like most natural fibers, wool reacts to certain cleaning products. You’ve got to be careful in the cleaning products you select. However, if well maintained, a wool carpet assures you of many advantages over the synthetic type. This partly explains why a woolen carpet is the most expensive of carpet varieties. However, wool carpets are also the most durable. They do not develop stains easily unlike synthetic carpets. Below is a guide to help you clean your wool carpet.

Step 1 – Take the Carpet Outside

For a thorough cleaning, it is best that you clean your carpet outside. You will be able to clean it more effectively because of the water involved. Remove any furniture or other items from the carpet. Roll up the carpet to make it easier to carry. Take it to a suitable location such as the patio. Unroll the carpet and spread it flat on the patio surface.

Step 2 – Wet the Carpet

Use a garden hose to wet down the entire carpet. Do not over-wet it as this will cause discoloration. It is best to attach the spray mechanism to the hose. This will help distribute water evenly and help to control wetting.

Step 3 – Mix Detergent

Put some water in a bucket and add in detergent. Mix the soap in well so that it is uniformly distributed. Do not put in a lot of soap as this will make it difficult to rinse.

Step 4 – Apply Soap

Apply the soapy water to the carpet using a sponge mop. As you apply, wipe gently with the mop. Work in a consistent pattern so that you cover the entire surface area. You may want to start at the bottom, move across and upwards.

Step 5 – Rinse

Use the hose to rinse the carpet well. Be sure to clear all traces of soap.

Step 6 – Blot Excess Water

Use several towels to blot the water. You can also use a dry vacuum to soak up the excess water. This will allow the carpet to dry quicker.

Step 7 – Dry the Carpet

When sufficiently drained, lay out the carpet to dry in the sun for 3 to 4 hours. Do not leave it out too long in the sun. The wool may shrink or discolor.


  • Avoid carpet cleaners that are too acidic or too alkaline. These can cause the wool to disintegrate and dissolve. Wool may also get discolored or loose its unique softness. It is best to use neutral cleaners.
  • Vacuum regularly, at least thrice a week. You can do it every other day. Wool carpets require more regular vacuuming than synthetic carpets.
  • Clean spots and spills immediately they occur. It is best to first blot the area with a soft rag or paper towels. Avoid scrubbing your wool carpet as it will distort the fibers.
  • It is a good idea to use a professional carpet cleaning service once a year.

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