Work Out in Your Backyard: Building a Pull Up Station

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
2 gardening stakes
A power auger and 1" bit
A shovel and post digger
2- 4x4 inch posts
A marker and a square
A drill and spade bit
A tamper
A garden hose
Stainless steel pipe and 2 caps
A ladder

You can develop your own backyard gym and build an outdoor pull up station. The pull up station will provide you with an opportunity to strengthen your upper body and core muscles in an open air center. You can build your own station easily with treated wood, stainless steel and the right tools.

Step 1 – Preparation

You should always use caution when you are working with any power tools. Wear protective eye wear before you begin and put all power tools in a safe place once you are done using them.  Be sure that the power switch of your drill is turned to the off position before you plug it in to the electrical outlet. Next, determine the area where you would like to install your pull up station. Use a gardening stake to mark the location. Use your measuring tape to measure forty-eight inches from the stake. Place the second stake at that spot. These will be the locations for the posts.

Step 2 –The Post Holes

Use your power auger to dig a hole at the location of the first gardening stake. Dig the hole so that it is four feet deep. Be sure not to dig too deep with the auger. Shovel the excess dirt into the wheelbarrow and continue with the second hole once you are done.

The posts you set will need to be twelve feet high. Place one of the 4x4 inch posts into the first hole. Add approximately 4 inches of the excess dirt to the hole. Compact the dirt. Add another 4 inches of dirt on top of the compacted soil. Positioning the other post in the second hole.

Step 3 – Setting the Posts

Open and pour the contents on top of the dirt in the first hole. Use your garden hose to add water to the concrete. Allow the concrete in the hole to dry and set the post. When it is completely dry, fill the hole with more dirt and continue the setting process with the second post.

Use your tape measure and marker to the mark the first post at a spot that is 48 inches from the ground. Do the same with the second post. Mark the center of the inside face of both of the posts. Use your drill to create a hole at the center of each post.

Step 4 – Installing the Pull Up Bar

Install the stainless steel pipe between the two posts. The pipe should have a 1 inch diameter and be at least 53 1/2 inches long. Be sure the bar is sitting in a level position between the two posts. Install the two stainless steel caps on the ends of the pull up bar. Once you have finished your project, be sure to check that the posts are stable before you begin to use your pull up bar.