Working with Stone Window Trim Working with Stone Window Trim

Window trim comes in all forms and shapes, and stone trims are becoming more and more popular. There are not as many differences as you would think when working with stone window trim. One reason for the recent boom of popularity is aesthetics. People like the old age look stone trimming adds. Another reason that it has is popular is due to its function. The insulation quality is remarkable.

Main Differences

Besides a factor of intimidation, stone trimming can be much harder to work with. Other than difficulty, stone is pretty much the same as other trimming. For example, high powered sanding tools and cutting and carving tools have to be used for its installation. Such high powered tools adds a level of difficulty.

Another factor is efflorescence, or a calcium stain for pre-colored concrete. This residue may emit via concrete pores. A large aesthetic variable, this calcium residue has a high chance of discoloring the concrete in the first several months after installation, if the efflorescence is not cleaned off. To properly maintain the stone trimming, use a wet sponge or soft brush to remove the residue, which may look like white powder. Persistent blotches may require vinegar to fully remove the residue. Use a five to one, water and vinegar ratio to keep the color the same.


To maintain stone window trimming, there is not real difference with any other trimming material. For example, when it comes to cleaning the stone, often to remove graffiti or any accidental painting over, a simple soap and water combination is needed. Another example is caulk removal and replacement—there is no difference with stone than with other material. Note that caulk inspection should occur annually for insulation purposes.

Commonalities between stone trimming and other media run deep, including dealing with any rust for surrounding targets. Much like any other situation, using a stain, or a copper stain remover will do the job of removing any rust with the help of some water and a bristle brush. In other words, the chemicals to react against the rust will not react against, or at all, with the nearby stone window trim.

There is one large difference when it comes to stone, and that is mildew or algae. Because of the pores in the media, stone may host plant life, which, besides being unappealing visually, may be a health hazard if the mildew or algae grows on a grand scale. Note areas that are shaded, prone to dirt accumulation, prone to moisture accumulation or all of the above. Simple soap and water is all that is needed.

Other Similarities

Besides general maintenance, the design of the stone trimming is also similar. Every company has its own unique versions of trimming and custom orders, but the general forms are consistent. When it comes to stone trimming, there are the horizontal moldings, the vertical moldings, the arch moldings and the various corner moldings.

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