Wrought Iron Bed

A wrought iron bed is a type of bed frame manufactured using wrought iron. They are generally designed with bars for the headboard and footboard.

Why Choose a Wrought Iron Bed

The wrought iron bed design has become more popular in recent years. They offer a wide variety of different design options. Due to the fact that wrought iron has a high malleability, the design options are extensive.

This allows designers to use simple bars or even put fairly detailed designs into the bars of the bed. Frequently wrought iron beds will have designs such as flowers, plants, or trees in the bars located on the headboard and footboard. For this reason they are considered by many to be a great alternative to a wooden bed.

A Wrought Iron Bed Offers a Good Price Point

The other key advantage that a wrought iron bed has over a wooden bed is the price. Iron is a relatively inexpensive material and is easier to work with than wood so generally wrought iron beds will cost about half as much as wooden bed, while still offering an attractive piece for your bedroom.