Wrought Iron Furniture - The Best Sealant

If you have had to refinish wrought iron furniture, then you are likely interested in finding the best sealant to preserve your work. If you have completely sanded off any rust and flaking paint, then it is time to seal the furniture.

The good news is that wrought iron furniture lasts well when preserved properly.

Conversion Coating

Conversion coating is a thin substance that paints onto iron furniture. It is available at auto parts stores and auto body shops. The coating turns any remaining rust into a black, phosphate coat that stops any remaining rust. The coating also creates a great surface for the paint to follow.

Rust Inhibiting Paint

One of the best sealants for wrought iron is rust inhibiting spray paint. This spray paint is easy to apply and does a good job of stopping any further rust by keeping the metal from being exposed to the elements.

Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions for applying the paint. Put it on in steady, even coats and be sure that every part of the furniture is covered.

Enamel paints that are formulated for outdoor use will give you the best result.

Unless the product says it is a combination primer and topcoat, you should use a primer first, let it dry, and then use a glossy-enamel, rust-inhibiting top coat.

Protective Finish

Even with a rust-inhibiting enamel, an exterior topcoat is a great idea. Look for an outdoor-rated clear coat finish.