Christmas Tree Ball Decorations Think Outside the Tree! Christmas Tree Ball Decorations Think Outside the Tree!

Everyone with a Christmas tree has Christmas tree balls - those shiny glass orbs with golden tops that sparkle and glitter amongst the lights and garland on your holiday tree. With a little thought and ingenuity, you can decorate your whole home with these inexpensive and lovely ornaments!

Make a Ball Wreath

Making a wreath out of Christmas tree balls is fun and really easy, and the end result is truly lovely. Hang your wreath on a wall or mantle if you're using glass balls, because a door closed with too much force will shatter your hard work. If you want to make a door wreath, use plastic or Styrofoam tree balls.

All you need is a wire wreath frame, available at floral boutiques or craft stores, Christmas tree balls in assorted sizes and colors, floral wire, and some ribbon.

  • Using the floral wire, attach the balls to the wire frame by stringing the floral wire through the loop on the ball and then twisting it securely around the wire on the wreath frame.
  • Start with the largest balls, working from the top of the wreath towards the bottom on both sides.
  • Fill in the empty spaces with the smaller balls.
  • Once your wreath frame is covered and all the balls are attached securely, weave your ribbon through the balls to make it more decorative. If you are using multicolored balls, a white or gold ribbon will stand out best. If you'd like to, you can attach a large bow to the top or the bottom of the finished wreath with floral wire.
  • Make sure the hook that you're using to hang this wreath with is strong and securely fastened to the wall.

Not only do these make pretty decorations for your home, but they make beautiful Christmas gifts as well. Just make sure you put them in a sturdy box lined with plenty of tissue paper or even bubble wrap to prevent the balls from shattering.

Pretty Pots for Pine

Turn your Christmas tree balls into little pots to hold sprigs of pine, holly, or any other natural or artificial flora you like. Place them in trays or attach gift tags to them with ribbon to make place cards for your holiday table. You could even 'plant' them in festive pots with a little sand or soil to keep them standing upright.

  • Take your Christmas tree balls and remove the gold tops.
  • Make sure the glass isn't chipped or sharp - if it is, you can gently smooth it off with a nail file or fine sandpaper.
  • Fill the balls about one quarter full with sand, sugar, or salt. This is just to give them some weight so they won't roll around and shatter.
  • Then take your sprigs of pine, artificial flowers, or whatever your preference is, and fill the opening of the ball.
  • Fit them in as snugly as possible without forcing anything in.
  • Tie a ribbon around the stem of the tree ball and you're ready to use your little round pots to jazz up your decor.

Decorative Runner or Frame

This project is a bit more involved, but the end result is pretty and fun. Create a runner to place on your mantle, your holiday dinner table, or anywhere you have a display of seasonal decorations. Or work with smaller pieces of wood to make picture frames or wall hangings.

  • You'll need a piece (or pieces) of wood about half an inch thick and cut to fit the size of the area where you'll be placing the runner.
  • Paint the board to match your decor, or use seasonal shades of red or green.
  • When the paint is dry, drill holes all over the board.
  • Wire or glue artificial pine garland all over the board, either covering it completely or making a pattern on the wood.
  • Using floral wire or Christmas ornament hooks, attach Christmas tree balls to the runner by threading the wire through the ball loop, then through the holes in the wood, securing the wire to the back of the board using duct tape. You can also attach them to the garland as long as both the garland and the balls are securely fastened.

Optionally, you can add a string of mini lights to your runner, but make sure that they don't get too hot and that none of the bulbs are missing or burned out. You can add other festive touches as well, like a light spray of artificial snow, pinecones with a touch of gold paint, or weave decorative ribbon throughout the garland.

If you want to make a picture frame, follow the same directions, but instead of using pine garland, use sprigs of artificial pine or other seasonal greenery. Use small Christmas tree balls as well, and add detailing to any empty spots with gold paint.

Quick and Easy Ideas

You can use Christmas tree balls all over your home with these quick and simple ideas. Fill glass bowls with balls and display anywhere they don't risk being toppled over. You can use all the colors of the rainbow, or pick two or three different colors to mix together in the same bowl to match your decor. Use clear glass or plastic balls filled about halfway with colored sugar or coarse salt mixed with a little glitter, and use these on your holiday table or scattered along your mantle.

You can add a beard of cotton balls, buttons for eyes and a mouth, and a small felt hat to turn a Christmas tree ball into a miniature Santa. Coat the ball in glue and wrap colorful ribbon or string around it in consecutive circles, then add a tassel to the bottom for a pretty ornament to hang just about anywhere. Attach scraps of silk greenery and plastic berries with glue to make a mini kissing ball.

As you can see, Christmas tree balls lend themselves to many different uses other than just on your tree. Use your imagination and fill your house with updated, easy, and inexpensive decor using Christmas tree balls this season!

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