Bring Music into Your Yard with Delightful Wind Chimes Bring Music into Your Yard with Delightful Wind Chimes

There's nothing more peaceful than sitting outside on a warm summer evening and listening to the quiet, soothing tones of wind chimes drift across the air. They are lovely to hear and the sound of soft music is balm for the soul.

Wind chimes are as lovely to watch as they are to listen to, and today there are a large variety of styles and materials to choose from. Wind chimes are made of bamboo, metal, stained glass and wood. Metal chimes include those made of brass, copper or pewter. The most unique set of metal wind chimes that I've ever seen were made of an enamel baby's cup and eating utensils. The sound was exquisite.

Other metal chimes are made of bells that tinkle when a soft breeze moves them slightly. Some chimes are made of metal tubing or discs that are shaped like animals, amphibians or flowers. Large metal chimes have deeper tones, while smaller chimes play a soft melody.

When shopping for wind chimes, determine if you want a classic, rustic or whimsical look. Chimes are available in a wide variety of styles and shapes. They can reflect a personal interest or you may choose something more traditional. Classic wind chimes are great for an arbor or gazebo area that is used for meditation or prayer. Often these chimes have an international look and are made of bamboo or metal pipes. Bamboo chimes give a soft, gentle music and are often less expensive than other types of wind chimes. They are the perfect accessory for a gardener who loves the simple things in life and look great when hung from a balcony, veranda fascia or a branch of a small tree.

Many wind chimes reflect a garden motif. Stained glass chimes give a touch of elegance and come in bird and flower designs. Resin chimes feature birds, flowers, hanging baskets and a wide array of garden animals and insects. Whatever your garden interests, you will be able to find the perfect wind chimes to fit your garden's theme.

If you have a butterfly garden, look for chimes with a unique butterfly motif, or hang dragonfly or frog chimes near a garden pond or water container fountain. If you hope to attract birds and wildlife to your yard, be sure to choose wind chimes with subtle tones so as not to frighten these creatures away.

There are a variety of wind chimes that will add elegance to a formal garden. Choose angels, cherubs, fairies or other garden statuary motifs. Then, purchase a wrought iron garden stand and hang the wind chimes from it. Garden stands are available in garden stores and in the gardening department of chain stores.

If you are an art lover, choose wind chimes made of handcrafted ceramic, porcelain or pottery. These are a bit more expensive but they add elegance and charm to a formal garden and have a soft, soothing tone that brings peace after a hectic day.

Stained glass wind chimes bring sparkle and a splash of color into your yard and garden. Stained glass chimes often have beads and metal decorations attached as accents. They are available in bird, butterfly and floral motifs and designs.

Wind chimes enhance an outdoor patio, room or verandah, or hang them in the garden for decoration and effect. Whatever you choose, the sweet, soft sound of music brings ambience and charm into your outdoor space for pleasure and relaxation. Find the perfect set for your garden, sit back and relax with your favorite drink and enjoy the wonderful musical effect.


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