Year-Round Care of a Red Twig Dogwood

A red twig dogwood tree provides beauty and interest to your landscaping all year long. It offers beautiful spring blossoms, deep green variegated leaves the summer, berries for birds and squirrels in autumn and bare, bright red twigs and branches throughout winter. These trees can be grown in most areas of the country and do well both in wet and dry areas.

Caring for Red Twig Dogwoods

Red twig dogwoods will grow and thrive almost anywhere. However, they do require some sun and lots of water. Use high-quality organic soil and compost to ensure that the tree gets all the nutrients it will require.

Pruning Requirements

Prune back a red twig dogwood tree in March or April. Prune about 1/3 of the shrub tree in order to promote better growth and more plentiful blooms in the spring. You can also snip the outermost suckers to transplant and increase your tree population. Undertake major pruning and thin out all the lower and older branches at least every 2 to 3 years.

Other Considerations

As previously stated, these trees can grow almost anywhere. As long as you can keep them in a relatively sunny and wet area, you can expect good results. However, they require routine maintenance in order to look their best and to keep from growing too large and strangling other nearby plant life.

Occasionally use a high-quality, high-nutrient fertilizer to promote bloom growth and produce more berries in the summer for birds and squirrels.