Your Best Bets for Ultimate Home Task Lighting

Task lighting is a type of lighting that is focused in a particular area to assist the completion of a particular visual task. This kind of lighting is also different from mood lighting and leans more towards functionality rather than aesthetics. Task lighting is usually installed under the kitchen cabinets, in the home office and other places where visibility is important, thus providing less eye strain. There are a lot of types of task lighting that you can install in your home, depending on the activity that you do. Here are your best bets for the ultimate home task lighting.

1. Kitchen under Cabinet Task Lights

Your kitchen needs to have task lights installed on them. Without these lights, it will be too difficult for you to work well in your kitchen while you are doing food preparations. Under cabinet task lights remove shadows on the counters for better visibility, thus allowing you to chop, mix your ingredients, as well as read recipes easily. This particular type of lighting usually involves a simple fluorescent or incandescent light that floods the bottom of the cabinet with proper illumination.

2. Track Lighting

This particular type of lighting involves small spot lights that are positioned on a track that is usually bolted in the ceiling. This type of lighting is also adjustable, so you can orient the light to an angle where you need the most illumination. Track lighting is perfect in the home office, workshop and sewing room. It is very convenient because of its adjustability.

3. Free-standing Task Lights

A free-standing task light is used as desk lamps or as bedside lamps. This type of light is usually made from an incandescent light bulb, but there are free-standing lights that are made from halogen bulbs. Free-standing task light is localized. Thus, it only provides illumination within a few square feet, so even if your husband is sleeping, you can still read a book without even turning on the bedroom lights. This particular type of light is used in bedrooms, reading rooms and the home office. Free-standing task lights can also be adjusted and can be carried from one room to the other, making them the most versatile of all task lights.

4. Clamp Lights

This particular type of task light is clamped on a shelf to shine on hard-to-see projects. This type of task light is also versatile and is used in heavy duty jobs, from fixing the sink to looking under the car engine. Clamp lights come with a gooseneck or bendable neck that allows you to position the light where you need it. This particular light is often found in garages and workshops. A clamp light is portable and can be carried from one place to the other. The only difference with the clamp light and the free-standing light is that the clamp designed for only function, with little heed to aesthetics.