Your Guide To Drill Bit Selection Your Guide To Drill Bit Selection

Here's what you need to know when choosing the correct drill bit.


Drill bits are available in many different materials:

  • Steel bits are cheap, but they will dull quickly and may not work on harder wood.
  • High Speed Steel bits are stronger than steel and will last a little longer.
  • Titanium bits cost more, but they will last much longer and are better for harder wood than steel bits.
  • Carbide-tipped bits stay sharper through many projects and are good for cutting through very hard woods without splintering.
  • Cobalt bits are the hardest bits available, for use in metals. They cost substantially more that other types, but they won't overheat.

General Purpose Bits

Twist bits are good for general use. You can use these bits to drill into wood, light metals (like aluminum) and plastics.

Saws and Augers

If you need to cut out larger pieces of wood for your holes, then use an auger bit or a saw bit. The saw bit will drill holes ranging from ½ to 6 inches, and auger bits have flutes to aid in removing any wood chips.

Countersink and Pilot Bits

These bits can countersink anything in one step. They have replaceable and changeable pilot bits. These can make large projects much easier.

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