Your Guide to Rustic Cabin Decor Your Guide to Rustic Cabin Decor

As people grow closer to the great outdoors, rustic cabin decor is becoming more and more popular. Particularly in the western states, where houses are designed with an outdoorsy feel in mind, a rustic decor is more than appropriate, and can bring warmth and relaxation to your home. Use these tips to give your home a cabin-like feel.


When designing your house like a rustic cabin, look for furniture made from raw wood. The edges of your furniture should be rough and unpolished, like you chopped down the tree and made the furniture yourself. Look for beds that say "cabin style". They are usually made from medium-tone logs with all sorts of knots, bumps, and grooves that are legitimately cabin-like. To make furniture pieces like night stands, coffee tables, and bed frames look slightly more sophisticated, look for ones that use two different wood tones. The surface will still look rough, but the contrast of colors is decorative and a bit less rustic. 

Another fun way to incorporate a rustic feel into your room, is to look for furniture that is shaped. This can mean anything from a nightstand that is shaped like a barrel, to a wagon wheel chandelier, or a boat-shaped wall shelf. Also, look for any furniture with antlers, or pictures of deer carved out. Avoid using too many shaped pieces of furniture in one room, or it will look more like a child's room than a rustic, cabin-like space.


Once you have the perfect furniture picked out, it may seem like you can toss any old fabric into a room. In reality, the fabric you choose can strongly enhance the western theme of your room. Avoid solid, simple fabrics for things like bedspreads, throw pillows, or curtains. Instead, look for patterns that compliment the rustic feel of your space. You may want to consider leather for couches or chairs. For accents, consider a cow print, a textured burlap in a warm neutral, or red and green tones with highly themed patterns such as deer, elk or fish. If you choose a boldly-patterned fabric, try to use it only in small areas like throw pillows or valances.


One type of artwork that is highly characteristic of cabin decor, is hanging signs made of metal or wood. Use them on the outsides of doors or on posts for a campsite feel. Hang them on the walls in place of other artwork.

When you are looking for a large piece of artwork that will make a statement, consider a watercolor or oil painting of an outdoor scene. The colors and patterns in the painting are guaranteed to blend in with the other elements of your room.

Don't neglect things like lamps, candles, and books—they can all be useful art installations if you choose them carefully. Lamp shades can be another excellent opportunity to bring fabric into a room. 

Follow these tips, and your cabin retreat is just around the corner!

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