Your Interior Door Replacement Guide Your Interior Door Replacement Guide

Interior door replacement is a job which requires only basic hand tools and a new door. Measure all the dimensions of the old door before buying a new one. Select a new door that is the same width and height as the original door, including the molding.

Removing the Old Door

The first step is to remove the old door. To do this simply remove the existing screws which attach the door hinges to the door frame. You can use a standard screw driver for this task or a power driver if one is available.

Remove the original molding from the inside of the door frame. This can be done using a chisel and a pry bar. Gently loosen the existing molding using the chisel and then use the pry bar to fully remove it. Finally, remove the jambs using the pry bar.

Installing the New Door

Decide which direction you want the door to open and then slide it into the door frame. The most important step in interior door replacement is to make sure that the jamb is level and completely straight.

  • Slide in shims under the jamb on the side until the head jamb reads level.
  • Then insert shims on the side to fill in any space between the studs and the side jambs. Test the door to verify that it opens and closes properly.
  • Finally, apply a thin layer of caulk over the nails and smooth it out using your finger or a small screwdriver.

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