Your Miter Saw Selection Guide

A power miter saw is one of the power tools that many woodworkers and carpenters believe is essential for their craft. Choosing the right miter saw is often a matter of determining the type and features you will need most often.

Types of Miter Saws
Compound Miter Saw – This type of miter saw can handle the most complex angled cuts. For example, woodworkers who are installing crown molding need to be able to quickly cut and create tight angled precision joints. A compound miter saw is able to achieve these cuts with a single motion and is able to pivot up, down, and side to side to create the perfect angle cut.

Sliding Miter Saw – A sliding miter saw is very similar to a compound miter saw, except that it is able to cut wider boards since the blade assembly is installed on a sliding track.

Standard Miter Saw – Perfect for small jobs, the standard miter saw is only able to pivot left and right.

Miter Saw Features
Blade Size – The wider the blade, the wider the board the saw will be able to accommodate. If you are anticipating that you will be working on a wide variety of board sizes, then you will want a saw that has the ability to easily change blade width.

Flexibility of Use – Some miter saws come with their own stands, yet others are able to attach to a table saw assembly. If you need a saw that allows you to easily and quickly adjust your work location, then you will want a miter saw that allows the greatest flexibility.

These are only a few of the many considerations when choosing a miter saw.