Your Outdoor Backyard Gym: Installing a Body Curl Station

What You'll Need
Equipment to be installed
Power drill
Adjustable wrench
Tape measure
Spirit level

Where lack of access to a gym is a barrier that prevents you from undertaking exercise, installing a body curl station in the backyard can ensure that this does not have to be a problem. The inconvenience that can arise in respect of distance and lack of time can be negated with the use of personal equipment. Following some steps for the installation process will ensure that it is carried out correctly, creating equipment that is safe to use.

Step 1 – Scout Location

Consider the layout of the outdoor backyard to determine where the body curl station should be placed. Measure the area in accordance with the dimensions of the equipment, making sure that you allow for the footprint of the equipment as well as any space that will be necessary around it. In addition, you will need to consider the weather patterns and how they affect the backyard. For example, if there is no shaded area in the yard, consider whether you will be able to work out in all conditions or whether a canopy will be required.                             

Step 2 – Prepare Ground  

Prepare the ground on which the body curl station will be placed, which will ensure that the equipment can be installed correctly and safely. Start by checking whether the surface is level with the help of a spirit level and, if necessary, take some steps to create a flat surface. Peruse the instructions to determine whether it recommends the type of material that the equipment must be fitted into. In some cases, you will find that concrete has to be laid to form a solid and effective surface on which to fit the equipment. Where this is the case, remove the top layer of soil using a shovel to the depth of the length of the bolts that will anchor the equipment in place. Alternatively, complete the work necessary to create an even surface by moving and/or taking away some soil.    

Step 3 – Assembly

Assemble the components of the body curl station in accordance with the instructions using a wrench and a screwdriver. Complete the work in the order specified by the instructions as you may find that correct assembly is impossible otherwise. For example, if the station includes a base, you may find that this needs to be fitted first before the other components are attached to it. Use a spirit level to make sure the base is fitted evenly.  

Step 4 – Install

Fit the parts of the body curl station into the desired position once the parts have been assembled. If they need to be anchored to the ground, drill holes for the bolts using a power drill, making sure that the drill bit correlates to the size of the bolt. Insert the bolts and tighten them by hand as much as possible before finishing with a wrench. Test the station after installation to ensure that it is stable. Install a canopy, if necessary.