Y-Plan Wiring a Boiler System

What You'll Need
Y-Plan Boiler Valve
Boiler Control Panel

Y-Plan boiler systems are designed to control the flow of hot water. Hot water can either be delivered to the tank or sent round the radiators. Wiring a Y-Plan system can be confusing, but with a bit of patience, you should be able to master the basic concepts.

Step 1 - Understanding the Concept

A Y-Plan system uses a simple valve that is in the shape of a Y. This valve has one input and two outputs. The input will be connected to the hot water outlet in your tank.

The valve can then shut off either valve or open both valves at the same time. This means that hot water can be directed around your heating and hot water tank, just heating, or just hot water tank. The Y-Plan valve is controlled using electric motors which are powered through the control panel of your boiler.

Step 2 - Connecting the Y Plan Valve

The Y Plan valve needs to be fitted in line with the external hot water tank and boiler. This automatic valve will allow the water to be sent around the radiators or just to be stored in the hot water tank.

Step 3 - Wiring up the Y Plan Valve

The process of wiring up your Y plan valve to your boilers control panel will differ depending on the type of control panel you have installed. To work out how to wire up your Y plan valve to your boiler, you will fist need to spend some time looking at the coloring specifications of your control panel.

The control panel will be opened by opening a screw somewhere on the top or side of the panel. Once the control panel is opened there will be a series of terminals exposed which is where the wires to control your central heating system will need to be connected.

Step 4 - Wiring Central Heating

There will be a pair of terminals marked CH which is the central heating connection. This needs to be connected to the Central Heating valve on the Y-plan valve. This will mean that the boiler can open and close the central heating pipes when needed.

Step 5 - Wiring Hot Water

There should be another pair of terminals which are marked HW which is hot water, this will need to be connected to the other half of the Y-plan valve. Now the boiler should have complete control and will be able to switch between hot water and heating.

Step 6 - Testing

Once all the wiring has been done, you can test and check that everything is working properly. It is very easy to get the connections mixed up by mistake which would result in water being sent around the radiators even when it's not supposed to be. Make any changes if required to improve how the Y-plan system works.