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A pair of boxes decorated as presents.
12-13-16 by Kirsten Nunez
A young girl holding a red present.
12-20-16 by Ruth LovettSmith
A wood Christmas ornament with a photo of a dog on it.
12-06-16 by Kirsten Nunez
A stack of white bath towels on a bed with green pillows.
12-22-16 by Ashley Childs
A handful of white Christmas lights.
12-06-16 by Perry Miller
A Christmas tree made out of painted wine corks.
12-05-16 by Kirsten Nunez
A tassel garland.
12-05-16 by Ashley Childs
An evergreen wreath with a red bow hanging on a door.
11-29-18 by KC Morgan
A man setting up a ladder with a bundle of Christmas lights hanging next to him.
11-26-18 by Perry Miller
A mason jar lid embossed with a reindeer.
12-19-16 by Sara LeDuc