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Displaying 11 - 20 of 59 Articles
AC Liquid Line Very Hot
Here's what to check to fix this problem.
05-05-23 by
AC Not Working - Outside Fan Running, Inside Fan Not
You can fix a fan, but a capacitor will be harder.
05-26-23 by
Air Conditioner Capacitor Replacement Cost
Find out what things factor into how much it costs to replace your AC capacitor.
03-09-23 by
Air Conditioner Not Cooling, Hot Copper Pipe
A hot copper pipe is a bad sign for the AC.
05-15-23 by
Air Conditioner Parts 101
AC enables you to enjoy cool air on a hot summer day.
12-14-21 by
Air Conditioning Installation Guide
With a few safety precautions in mind, you can install the air conditioning yourself.
01-06-22 by
Auto Air Conditioning Repair
Stay comfortable on the road.
09-21-22 by
Can Home Air Conditioners Be Stored in a Shed?
If you take the proper steps, it is possible to safely sore your home air conditioners in a shed.
03-02-22 by
Central Air Turns Off Right Away
Keep your cool (or get it back).
05-31-23 by
Choosing the Best Location for an RV Air Conditioner
Keep your cool with the proper AC location and power output.
05-02-22 by