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a line of colorful rolls of duct tape
01-23-20 by Chris Nickson
glue seeping out of a tube with cap next to it
11-14-19 by Dawn Hammon
02-06-20 by Matthew Kolas
A man uses masking tape.
02-11-20 by Caleb Mayo
JB Weld Clearweld
02-12-20 by Vida Llevares
Selecting Glass Mirror Glue
12-31-20 by Matthew Kolas
bottle of Gorilla Glue in front of wood surface
02-19-21 by Caleb Mayo
hands squeezing out two tubes of epoxy
06-29-20 by Robert Gallo
Cyanoacrylate glue on a black background.
04-14-21 by Jen S.
A stainless steel fridge
02-26-20 by Smitha Devadas