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The corner of an old attic with windows on the near wall.
01-08-20 by Laura Apel
The blueprints of a house covered by a tape measure, hammer, and hardhat.
09-17-19 by Dawn Hammon
Side of house showing attic vent
11-14-19 by Dawn Hammon
framed in attic space
02-20-20 by Jeff Grundy
A newly-finished attic with tools still on the floor.
02-27-20 by Jackie Carmichael
A large skylight shedding light on a potted plant and a red couch in a finished attic.
03-10-20 by Rebecca Hollada
An attic in the middle of a conversion project.
03-19-20 by Laurie Bloomfield
attic roof fan
03-20-20 by Justin Stewart
Two different colors of floorboards making up the same floor.
10-19-20 by DoItYourself Staff
attic vent under gable
11-10-20 by Tim Bossie