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Displaying 1 - 10 of 238 Articles
remodeled basement
You could potentially double the usable space in your home.
07-25-22 by Jessica Tesoriero
epoxy basement floor
You have options when it comes to water protection.
07-25-22 by Mike Johnson
Steps leading down to to a finished basement with a wet bar in the background.
How to get the most out of your basement renovations.
07-25-22 by Robert LeBlanc
wall exhaust vent
Basements are notorious for harboring smells and moisture. A properly installed exhaust vent can help.
07-25-22 by Ania Szremski
rock salt
Follow these steps to protect your basement against moisture with simple household products.
07-25-22 by Shereyll Pineda
A man in a crawlspace.
Crawlspace odors can spread to the rest of the home.
07-25-22 by Mike Johnson
egress window well
Steps to follow installing a basement window well.
07-25-22 by Andrew T.
An unsecured basement window might be a prime target for burglars.
Unsecured basement windows can mean opportunity for burglars
07-25-22 by Lakshmy Nair
cracked concrete
A basement wall that leaks is never good news.
07-25-22 by Emma McKie
bacteria found in a wet basement
They can be dangerous if left unaddressed.
07-25-22 by Garry Steck