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rolling primer onto a ceiling
11-10-20 by Gabriella Buonassisi
A green and red copper background.
11-17-20 by Sher Matsen
A tin ceiling composed of ornate tiles.
11-18-20 by Lakshmy Nair
Bronze-colored ceiling tiles.
11-18-20 by Laura Apel
Swirls on a plaster ceiling
11-18-20 by Matthew Kolas
A man on a ladder installing tiles on the ceiling.
02-01-21 by Matthew Kolas
Faux wood beams
02-03-21 by Matthew Kolas
ceiling questions answered
02-03-21 by Matthew Kolas
White ceiling with brown crown molding
02-06-21 by Matthew Kolas
Painting a ceiling
02-08-21 by DoItYourself Staff