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Displaying 1 - 10 of 30 Articles
A roll of duct tape.
Duct tape residue on clothing is a pain to remove.
04-13-20 by Tamilselvi T
Rows of recruits wearing Navy whites
A military uniform must be kept in top condition.
02-04-20 by Emma McKie
a green clothes iron
Barong is an important aspect of Filipino fashion.
02-26-20 by Bart Barandon
A woman holds a hat.
If you are into the grunge or retro look, you may want to make a hat look old and worn. This is easy
08-08-19 by Judy Rawnsley
Ironing a shirt with a purple cased iron.
They offer different advantages in different situations.
07-25-22 by Carol S.
person driving a motorcycle
Repairing rips on motorcycle pants is not a difficult task.
03-11-20 by Beth Dawson
An organized closet.
Closet brackets will enable you to fit shelves into the area
08-19-19 by DoItYourself Staff
Motorcycle chaps are similar to pants, but they don't have a crotch or seat area in the material.
08-28-21 by Jeff Grundy
leather gloves
Refurbishing motorcycle gloves is not for everyone.
03-11-20 by Jeff Grundy
a person riding a motorcycle
Making your own motorcycle pants really isn't so hard.
04-21-22 by Heather Domabyl