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Displaying 1 - 10 of 193 Articles
Concrete in a bucket.
Concrete retaining walls are often used in gardens.
01-07-20 by Anubhav Kapoor
Koi pond in a landscaped yard
Seal the seepage before your pond runs dry.
06-21-20 by Paul(Team) Miceli
crack in cement
Don't cancel the barbecue, fix your cracked patio yourself!
04-18-22 by Justin Stewart
crack in concrete
Get the right caulk for the job, and seal the deal.
03-22-21 by Anubhav Kapoor
A concrete walkway.
Concrete can be used to create a beautiful walkway.
04-05-22 by Nathan Reiff
A concrete walkway surrounded by green grass.
Concrete is an extremely strong, durable material.
10-07-19 by Jenelle Jones
Breaking apart concrete
Make a break for it.
03-29-22 by Evaline Tiondi
aggregate concrete
Aggregate concrete is a creative and rewarding DIY project.
09-24-19 by DoItYourself Staff
Cracked concrete
Concrete is a material used in many building applications.
08-29-20 by Tim Bossie
Concrete blocks sit in neat stacks.
What are some advantages and disadvantages to this material?
03-29-21 by Justin Stewart