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Displaying 1 - 10 of 49 Articles
wood lattice panel
'Lattice' get right to the point with the right tools.
07-25-22 by Evaline Tiondi
Cool green fern growing in a shady garden.
Two simple steps for a simple plant.
05-24-22 by Dawn Hammon
Many attempts have been made with every species of oak tree to propagate rooted material from cuttings.
05-24-22 by Justin Stewart
Propagating a California Redwood cutting to create a life-long memory of your vacation in the redwoods.
05-24-22 by Sarah Smith
It is a very simple task to cut bamboo. The plant is hardy and difficult to kill as long as it has water.
05-17-22 by Niki (Team) Hampton
Curved glass candles.
Be safe; broken glass is incredibly dangerous.
07-20-22 by Chris Nickson
A PVC pipe cutter is a much safer way to cut PVC pipe than using a saw or other implements.
04-22-22 by Chris Nickson
iron pipe with water leak
Cut your pipe to size with one of these three techniques.
01-12-22 by Jeff Grundy
If you have a router, it's possible to cut plexiglass.
07-25-22 by Connor Doe
a hole in glass
It's tricky not to damage the surrounding area.
05-12-21 by Amber Morgan