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Tile being attached to a wall.
09-22-16 by Perry Miller
Black and white tiled bathroom.
11-21-16 by Angela Sabrowsky
Someone standing on a ladder painting a wall pink.
01-10-18 by Emily Gleeson
living room with a wide glass door leading to a patio
02-01-18 by Kimberly Keller
Air plants with purple and red blooms in a white vase.
01-24-17 by Laurie Bloomfield
light grey couch against dark grey wall
07-12-19 by Dawn Hammon
home staging for living room
11-21-16 by Kelsey Marland
A room painted in the color green.
01-09-17 by Amy Jensen
gorgeous kitchen with island stovetop
01-17-20 by Jenelle Jones
A pastel-colored kitchen.
01-03-20 by Charles Ramos Jr