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Displaying 1 - 10 of 57 Articles
3 Most Popular Kinds of Clothesline Wire
Clothesline wire can come in many forms.
03-27-23 by
5 Causes of a Leaking Dryer Vent
A leaking dryer vent can cause problems such as mold.
03-15-23 by
5 Steps to Rerouting a Dryer Vent
Follow these steps to reroute a dryer vent.
12-16-21 by
8 Tips for Keeping Clothes Soft on an Outdoor Clothesline
Drying clothes on an outdoor clothesline may often cause clothes to become less soft.
03-27-23 by
Are Dryer Vent Backdraft Dampers Necessary?
The backdraft damper is useful to propel hot, moist dryer air out of the house.
01-22-22 by
Are Dryer Vent Outlet Boxes Necessary?
Dryer vent outlet boxes are necessary for safer, more efficient drying.
02-23-22 by
Are Indoor Dryer Vent Buckets Hazardous?
A dryer vent bucket provides a way to vent your dryer inside instead of through an exterior wall.
12-20-21 by
Build A Small Shed For Washers And Dryers
A small shed is the ideal housing for your washer and dryer.
01-24-20 by
Building a Sweater Drying Rack for Your Laundry Room
A sweater drying rack is an innovatively cost-effective device that can be functional and decorative.
09-14-22 by
Can a Dryer Vent Be Indoors?
No. Dryer vents absolutely have to run outside.
04-14-22 by