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A bunch of fall leaves with a scissor and ribbon.
09-28-16 by Kirsten Nunez
A pile of orange fall leaves and a pair of brow women's boots.
10-12-15 by Perry Miller
A handyman working on a boiler.
10-24-17 by Jack Vodden
Fertilizing the lawn in the fall.
03-03-15 by Kathy Bosin
winter house
03-03-15 by Matthew Kolas
A woman raking leaves in the fall.
03-03-15 by Ryan Bartlett Jack Morgan, Sharon Smith
An assortment of yard tools leaning against a wall.
03-03-15 by Amy Jensen
sun setting on an ocean under a wooden pier
09-09-19 by Debbie Sklar
Fertilizing with a hand broadcaster.
04-03-20 by Kathleen Marshall
Wooden stairs in an unfinished basement.
10-14-20 by KC Morgan