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Displaying 1 - 10 of 69 Articles
3 Best Garage Floor Coating Systems
A garage floor coating can protect your subfloor and give it a nice, finished look. Read on to learn more about three popular options.
01-21-20 by
3 Tips for Cleaning Hardwood Floors after Sanding
Once your wood floor is sanded, it can easily be cleaned from all resulting dust.
10-14-20 by
3 Types of Epoxy Floor Coating Explained
Epoxy floor coating has been considered by many to be a very durable material.
01-30-23 by
3 Types of Replacement Floor Drain Covers
There are different types of floor drain covers as they are made from different materials.
03-29-22 by
4 Common Floor Drain Problems
A floor drain is a fairly simple feature in the home.
03-04-22 by
4 Tips for Planning a Tile Layout
Figuring the Tile layout beforehand to plan for a more balanced installation.
10-14-20 by
9 Ways You're Ruining Your Wood Flooring
Keep your cherished surface looking great with simple rules.
03-22-23 by
Adding Radiant Floor Heat to Your Home
Adding radiant floor heat to your existing home or to a new build, consider these things.
04-03-23 by
Are Raised Floors Better than Concrete Slab Floors?
Raised floors are a better, drier, and warmer alternative.
07-13-20 by
Bamboo vs Natural Cork Flooring: Pros and Cons
Both are great options.
01-04-21 by