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Displaying 11 - 20 of 31 Articles
How to Join Two Pieces of Foam Board Together
You'll need a razor cutter.
06-06-22 by
How to Use a Wood Router to Cut Foam Board Insulation
Foam board insulation board is easy to cut using a router.
12-17-20 by
How to Use DIY Foam Insulation Kits
Got a DIY foam insulation kit? Make sure you don't mess up.
08-06-21 by
How to Use Foam in Place Products
Foam in place cushioning is used when shipping
05-06-21 by
How to Use PolyIsocyanurate Insulation
PolyIsocyanurate insulation is a type of insulated board.
03-12-20 by
How to Use Slow Curing Liquid Foam
Liquid foam is formed by trapping gaseous bubbles.
07-19-21 by
Install A Foam Floor In A Kids' Room
A kids room will greatly benefit from having a foam floor.
09-07-22 by
Installing Foam Insulation Board in an Attic
Is your attic hemorrhaging energy and money?
03-12-20 by
Polyurethane Foam Dangers and Health Risks
One of the most common materials used in furniture and mattresses is polyurethane foam.
07-27-22 by
Prime-Foam and Frothed-Foam Carpet Pad Benefits
Placed under the carpet to prevent it from wearing out.
07-31-21 by