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Displaying 1 - 10 of 151 Articles
Wood chair
If the seats of your wood chairs are worn out, damaged, or just need an update, you can tackle the task without buying all new furniture.
01-28-20 by Shandra Handley
Bamboo table and chairs.
Bamboo furniture is an elegant and dramatic accent to a home. This handy homework primer will improve your skills and ability to maintain it for many years to come.
10-25-19 by Clare Jerome
log finish
If you love log furniture, add a dresser to the space.
05-19-20 by Ria Rose
Bar stools at a counter.
It's surprisingly easy to reupholster bar stools.
01-15-20 by Jennifer Ambrose
beige couch with throw pillows
Cutting upholstery foam is a task that anyone can manage to do for themselves, you need not be a professional upholsterer.
01-22-20 by Natan Agius
A leather armchair.
Reupholstering will revitalize the appearance of the chair.
12-31-19 by Piyush Jain
A wood table.
A waxed finish on a wood table looks highly luxurious.
01-28-20 by Jackie Carmichael
desk with apple and books on top
Build your own vintage-style desk with studious appeal.
03-01-20 by Don P.
Stapling replacement upholstery
What is the right foam for your upholstery job?
04-01-20 by Mike Johnson
Wood desk with books and papers on top
If properly finished, a wood desk can last for generations.
05-23-22 by Justin Stewart