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Displaying 1 - 10 of 47 Articles
garage door opener
Add convenience and protection with an auto door opener.
02-05-20 by DoItYourself Staff
The garage door header is the large piece of wood at the top of the garage, which supports the roof of
10-22-20 by Jen S.
reinforced metal garage door
Garage doors are usually made from lightweight materials.
11-11-20 by Beth Dawson
A garage door.
It's a money-saving DIY project.
07-13-20 by Heaven Stubblefield
holding a garage door opener with a house in the background.
Don't give criminals an easy way in.
07-24-20 by Amy Jensen
A garage.
A garage door weather seal protects from weather.
08-11-20 by Anubhav Kapoor
Garage doors.
There are two primary types of garage door insulation.
08-12-20 by Mike Aguilar
A garage door.
A defective garage door seal can lead to leaks.
04-28-20 by Justin Stewart
tall home with Japanese style garage doors
Decide whether to go with glass, slide away, or roll up.
06-01-20 by John Derossett
When you are creating the frame for your garage, you need to fit a garage door header.
10-14-20 by Jen S.