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Elementary School Valentines (For Adults)
02-24-15 by Cameran Surles
Maple Cutting Board
02-24-15 by Zachary DiPego
Santa and his array of tools for the DIYer.
02-24-15 by Justin DiPego
A Father's Day message on a work bench.
02-24-15 by Justin DiPego
A homemade terrarium.
02-24-15 by Susan Patterson
Etched glasses.
08-08-19 by Hannah Madans
7 Days of DIY Valentine Gifts
02-07-19 by Jonathan Mecham
A Mason jar decorated with a Star of David surrounded by Hanukkah-themed candy.
08-29-20 by Charles Ramos Jr
A book safe is open revealing cash inside.
04-23-20 by Sandra Karnes
hanging wind chime
08-08-19 by Paige Butterfield