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A close look at the spray tip of an aerosol can, such as is used for hairspray.
03-18-20 by Rebecca Hollada
A variety of batteries.
02-03-20 by Hannah Madans
man uninstalls security alarm from home
01-13-20 by Leah Champion
vaulted ceiling
01-14-20 by Dawn Hammon
badly decorated living room
11-19-20 by Kelsey Marland
A bottle of red nail polish spilling onto a white surface.
07-09-20 by Kimberly Carver
A window with a shadow of a man on it.
05-10-20 by James Jones
A side profile of a drill inserting a drywall screw into a piece of drywall.
02-13-17 by Perry Carpenter
An all white Halloween table.
10-28-20 by KC Morgan
Marbles on the floor.
05-11-20 by KC Morgan