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Displaying 1 - 10 of 156 Articles
A caulk gun and caulking supplies laying on the floor of a shower.
Butyl caulk is a highly recommended sealant.
02-28-20 by Precious Silva
Telephone receiver on a white background.
Sometimes cordless options aren't practical.
11-29-21 by Alyssa Davis
How to Maintain the Proper Pool pH Level
Maintaining your pool pH level is an important part of pool ownership.
01-21-20 by Kent Belcher
smoke drifting out of a chimney on a roof
The damper controls heat, airflow, and smoke for your fireplace and chimney.
01-28-20 by Precious Silva
various molding samples stacked together
You may need to know this to remodel an older home.
07-25-22 by Justin Stewart
shower bathtub water damage
Where there is water, there is potential for problems.
07-25-22 by Lakshmy Nair
Heat pump unit outside a building
Freon is a necessary evil in the recipe of heat pump success
01-22-22 by Vida Llevares
How to Replace Joist Hangers
Joist hangers support the weight of your floor.
07-25-22 by Angelo Maceri
How to Use Glazing Putty on Metal Surfaces
Glazing putty has many uses that can be beneficial at home.
10-29-20 by Mike Johnson
Person shutting a white storm door
Handles are the most common part to break on a storm door.
04-01-20 by Colleen McKie