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Displaying 1 - 10 of 47 Articles
Humidifier with ionic air purifier isolated on white
Proper cleaning and maintenance are necessary.
06-02-22 by Shereyll Pineda
It's very important to the health of the plants.
03-06-21 by Tim Bossie
woman removing tray from dehumidifier
The right amount of humidity can have positive effects.
11-01-21 by Jen S.
Humidity in basement rooms should be around 50%.
05-06-21 by Lori Boyd
clouded window from humidity
You can make different types and sizes of humidity chamber.
03-13-20 by Alexander Naz
A few tips to control the humidity level in your house for healthier living.
10-04-21 by Tisha Berg
A garage.
The humidity level in your garage can cause other issues.
01-26-21 by Sage C.
Read this temperature guide to basement dehumidifiers.
02-14-21 by Anubhav Kapoor
This can affect moisture damage and health.
07-25-22 by Jen S.
A humidistat is used to control the level of humidity in your home.
11-24-21 by Teresa Johnson