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Displaying 11 - 20 of 20 Articles
Installing Linoleum Tile
It's a great way to update or replace an old floor.
05-13-21 by
Linoleum Vs. Marmoleum Flooring
Linoleum is a generic term, Marmoleum is a brand name of it.
10-27-21 by
Linoleum vs Recycled Rubber Flooring
Linoleum and recycled rubber are good options for floors.
06-03-21 by
Painting Linoleum Tile Flooring
Most commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens.
10-25-21 by
Pointers for Using Peel and Stick Linoleum Tiles
Some tops for a relatively easy flooring application.
10-27-21 by
Remove a Linoleum Floor vs Cover a Linoleum Floor
Whether it is better to remove a linoleum floor or not.
08-27-21 by
Removing Linoleum and Mastic From Wood Flooring
Removing linoleum from wood flooring is labor-intensive.
11-17-20 by
Steps For Giving New Life To Old, Yellowed Linoleum
Linoleum, or 'sheet flooring', is made by pressing fillers.
09-23-20 by
What causes linoleum floors to buckle?
Linoleum floors can buckle for two reasons.
11-30-20 by
What Causes Soft Spots in Linoleum Floors?
Several factors can cause soft spots in linoleum floors.
06-23-21 by