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Displaying 1 - 10 of 53 Articles
cloved hands working on car door lock with pick
If you've ever locked your keys in your car you should know.
05-13-22 by Sage C.
keypad next to garage door
A keypad can let you in even when you lose your keys.
08-25-21 by Tim Bossie
Keyless door lock
Eliminate the need to carry, and possibly lose, your keys
08-28-20 by Tamilselvi T
Person installing a deadbolt
Choosing a deadbolt lock is important in securing your home.
09-30-20 by Justin Stewart
A man works on a deadbolt.
Strike plates are easy to install.
04-23-20 by James Kirk
Digital keypad mounted to a gate
You choose the design. They all perform the same function.
04-26-21 by Justin Stewart
China display cabinet
You can look but you can't touch.
11-01-21 by Linda Ahn
A hand on a doorknob with keys in the lock.
Don't get stuck outside, repair your door knob lock.
03-01-20 by Mike Johnson
Locking a drawer
You hold the keys to this DIY project.
06-22-20 by Natasha Gilani
antique doorknob on a green door
Understand more about the door hardware you use daily.
07-24-20 by Felicia Leng