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Displaying 1 - 10 of 36 Articles
3 Bad DIY Habits to Break Right Now
Turn over a new DIY leaf this year by dropping bad habits.
05-13-21 by
5 Tips for Sizing Your Heating Ducts
Use these tips to calculate the proper duct sizes so your heating system can run efficiently.
11-19-21 by
6 Free Building Plans for Greenhouses
Save some green.
08-01-22 by
7 Tips for Guest House Plans
It's a great way to house the inlaws.
08-16-22 by
8 Classic DIY Resolution Mistakes
The key is breaking goals down into action steps.
01-05-21 by
8 Tips for Planning an Upstairs Bathroom
Read this article for advice on adding an upstairs bathroom.
03-23-20 by
Bow Window vs Bay Window: Pros and Cons
Designing your own home or looking to replace an existing window then consider bay or bow window.
08-22-22 by
Building a Garage 7 - Sheathing
The sheathing is a critical part of the project.
05-26-21 by
Compare Kitchen Island Plans
When you start to compare kitchen island plans you will first need to note how much space you have.
09-07-22 by
Deck Footings vs. Piers
Deck footings provide the foundation for your deck.
04-14-21 by