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Displaying 11 - 20 of 46 Articles
Disguising Unsightly Bathroom Wall Cabinets
Try these ideas to spruce up your bathroom cabinets.
10-04-21 by
Finishing Hardwood Floors 3 - Preparation
Permits and Codes Some areas require permits whenever you spend over a certain amount on any repairs.
09-14-22 by
Furniture Refinishing 5 - Stripping the Wood
It's time to strip the wood surface of old paint or varnish. Use this advice for the best way to do it.
08-22-22 by
Furniture Refinishing - Preparation
Preparation is the way of boy scouts and furniture refinish.
11-22-22 by
Furniture Refinishing - Sanding
Stripping closes the grain of the wood to the penetration of stain, sanding reopens the grain.
08-31-22 by
How can I tell if my wood floor needs refinishing?
Wood floor refinishing needs to be carried out.
10-20-21 by
How do I refinish melamine cabinet doors?
Melamine cabinets were originally only available in white.
10-20-21 by
How to Completely Refinish Your Hardwood Floors
Bring them back to their former glory.
02-08-23 by
How to Cover a Popcorn Ceiling
Instead of removing an ugly popcorn ceiling, cover it up.
03-25-21 by
How to Refinish a Carved Coffee Table
Take care to preserve the original design.
12-20-22 by