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Displaying 21 - 30 of 46 Articles
How to Refinish Antique Tables
Tables can last hundreds of years with the proper care.
11-14-22 by
How to Refinish a Travertine Tile Floor
Preventing damage to your travertine tile floor.
08-25-21 by
How to Refinish a Wood Entry Door
Refinishing a wood entry door becomes necessary from time to time.
11-28-22 by
How to Refinish Veneer Plywood
Veneer plywood looks like hardwood but it is actually plywood that is coated with a veneer.
12-20-22 by
How to Refinish Wood Tables
Take a wood table from tired to fresh with a few supplies.
11-22-22 by
How to Refinish Your Under Sink Cabinet
Follow these steps to refinish your under-the-sink cabinet.
05-06-21 by
How to Refinish Your Wood Patio Bench
Keep your outdoor seating looking great and well protected.
12-14-22 by
How to Reglaze a Sink
Sometimes reglazing sink surfaces is the only way to save an unsightly sink in your bathroom.
01-07-22 by
How to Resurface a Ping Pong Table Top
Get the most out of your ping pong table by fixing the surface when it has problems.
12-28-22 by
How to Salvage an Old Wooden Staircase
Old wooden staircases are full of beauty and charm and can be brought back to life.
09-12-22 by