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empty garage before conversion
12-04-20 by Charles Ramos Jr
A nightlight in a bathroom with a faucet in the foreground.
10-29-19 by Hannah Madans
A blue wood ottoman with a striped lid.
06-20-17 by KC Morgan
A loft bed in an apartment or dorm room with a brick wall.
11-08-19 by Charles Ramos Jr
A woman sitting on a couch with a cup of tea, looking out a window.
05-11-20 by Jillian Shea
A wood shelf with white towels on it.
12-10-19 by Sara LeDuc
A white built-in cupboard with decor items inside.
06-29-17 by KC Morgan
small space bedroom with large mirror and gray art design on wall
01-19-21 by Emily Gleeson
An African violet in a green container with other plants in the background.
06-21-17 by Ashley Childs
A hanging basket planter against a wood pallet and a white painted brick wall.
10-23-17 by Sara LeDuc