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Making the Most of Small Spaces
09-13-17 by Kimberly K
A hallway in a storage unit space.
02-02-16 by Amy Jensen
A row of potted herbs in front of a window.
08-02-17 by Sara LeDuc
How to Plant a One-container Vegetable Garden
07-21-15 by Kimberly Carver
A raised bed garden box with carrot plants.
03-06-15 by Susan Patterson
a small, stylish room with wooden tables attached to the wall.
06-17-19 by Sara LeDuc
A closet stuffed with colorful clothes
06-18-19 by Sara LeDuc
A treehouse with transparent walls and ceiling
06-19-19 by Dawn Hammon
An accumulation of junk including electrical cords and office supplies.
02-09-16 by Sandra Karnes
A lit yurt against a nighttime sky.
01-24-17 by Ruth LovettSmith