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Displaying 61 - 70 of 153 Articles
Downspouts vs. Rain Chains
Downspouts collect more water than rain chains, but rain chains are better-looking. Read on to figure out which one is right for your home.
11-14-19 by
Earth-Friendly Birthday Parties
Fighting the climate crisis can be fun!
11-11-19 by
Earth Homes: A New Housing Alternative?
Have you heard about earth homes?
02-21-23 by
Eco Friendly Bathroom Remodels
Improve your space, and the environment.
11-21-22 by
Eco Friendly Carpet Options
Many sustainable materials have a warm, natural look.
09-02-22 by
Eco-friendly Garden Projects for Sustainable September
Help nourish nature with your caretaking.
08-30-22 by
Electronic Ballasts vs. Magnetic Ballasts
An electronic ballast and a magnetic ballast are the two main types of ballasts used in certain light
01-16-20 by
Energy Efficiency: Passive House 101
Raise the bar on home energy efficiency following the passive house standard.
12-26-16 by
Essential Plants for Homesteading
From herbs to sunflowers, here's seven plants every homestead needs!
04-04-19 by
Everything You Need to Know About Wood Stoves
Freestanding fireplaces can help with heating and cooking.
09-28-20 by