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Displaying 1 - 10 of 384 Articles
Ceramic tile sitting on a table next to blue and brown paint samples.
Surprisingly, ceramic tiles can take paint.
05-07-21 by Matt Perryman
tile floor
Painting tile provides an update without replacement.
05-26-21 by Jen S.
A coaster.
Avoid rings on your furniture.
04-02-20 by Mike Johnson
Blue, glass wall tile decorating a bathroom.
Don't let a beautiful glass tile job suffer.
05-31-21 by Luke Arthur
A ceramic tile background mosaic.
A great look for almost any flat surface in your home.
02-14-21 by Justin Stewart
coffee on a tiled surface
It's fun, unique, and made by you.
02-13-20 by Justin Stewart
A simple pattern made from ceramic tile on a floor.
Glue spots on your ceramic tile can be easily removed.
04-13-21 by Chris Nickson
travertine tiles
Finding an exact match is sometimes challenging.
10-02-19 by Melissa Austin
Saltillo Mexican tile is a handmade tile that is easily stained and sealed.
10-14-20 by Tim Bossie
Saltillo Mexican tile is a popular artistic touch.
05-13-21 by Judy Rawnsley