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Displaying 1 - 10 of 76 Articles
A couple gardening on a roof
It can be easy to bite off more than you can chew at first.
12-05-19 by Dawn Hammon
A little girl and her backyard chickens.
Fresh eggs, natural pest control, free fertilizer.
03-03-15 by Rachel Klein
wooden chicken coop with a blue roof
Follow these steps to hatch a perfect game plan for building your urban chicken coop.
01-03-20 by Perry Carpenter
A woman dumping scraps into an in-home compost bucket.
Watch your yard rake in the benefits.
03-03-15 by Rachel Klein
close up veggie garden
Choosing to start a veggie garden is great, but choosing to start one with these versatile plants is even better!
06-02-16 by Perry Carpenter
growing strawberries in hanging baskets
Indoors or out, growing strawberries in hanging baskets can be simple if you just follow these 12 tips.
05-25-21 by Joanne Dufault
A basket of organic eggs for sale.
Take advantage of your acquired skills and knowledge to make some extra cash!
04-04-17 by Perry Carpenter
Woman using garden fork to remove uncomposted food waste from top of composting pile, before spreading the compost onto a vegetable garden.
4 basic recipes to make your garden greener.
06-13-22 by KC Morgan
A jar of canned food.
Outfit your homestead kitchen with these appliances.
10-15-19 by Perry Carpenter
Radishes in a jar for canning.
Once you start, you’ll be hooked on home canning.
10-15-19 by KC Morgan