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Displaying 11 - 20 of 57 Articles
5 Sustainable Living Tips for City Folk
With the right approach, you can live an eco-friendly lifestyle in a city. These simple tips will show you how.
11-21-16 by
6 Ways to Collect Rainwater
Save money by catching this natural resource before it goes down the drain!
06-07-18 by
7 Fast-Growing Shade Trees
Add beauty, shade, and cooler temperatures to your yard by choosing the right trees
01-07-20 by
7 Mistakes to Avoid as a Beginning Homesteader
It can be easy to bite off more than you can chew at first.
12-05-19 by
7 Surprising Services Cities Offer
Take advantage of the programs in your neighborhood!
08-28-20 by
8 Ways to Homestead in an Apartment
Homesteading isn't all about farming and sewing.
04-30-15 by
9 Must-have Kitchen Appliances for Urban Homesteaders
Outfit your homestead kitchen with these appliances.
10-15-19 by
Already Have Solar? Now you Need a Home Battery
If you're not using a home battery, you're losing energy.
07-12-19 by
Basic Skills for the Modern Homesteader
No matter the size of your homestead, learn the skills to keep it running.
04-03-17 by
Bring Your Garden to the Party (in Yummy Ways)
The garden is a place for you-time, but it's also the best place to shop for the upcoming summer party.
06-22-16 by