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Displaying 21 - 30 of 57 Articles
Canning Basics for Beginners
Save money and time with this age-old DIY skill!
10-07-19 by
Coyote Prevention: How to Keep Them Away from Your Property
Coyotes can get in your garbage and harm small animals.
01-07-20 by
Designing the Ultimate Urban Chicken Coop
Follow these steps to hatch a perfect game plan for building your urban chicken coop.
04-28-15 by
DIY Home Cleaners With Essential Oils
Essential oils are perfect for DIY cleaning products because they boast many natural benefits.
03-13-18 by
Essential Plants for Homesteading
From herbs to sunflowers, here's seven plants every homestead needs!
04-04-19 by
Graffiti Removal in Eight Steps
The cleaning agent depends on the surface material.
05-27-21 by
Home Canning: Preparing Pickled and Fermented Foods
Once you start, you’ll be hooked on home canning.
10-15-19 by
Homesteading for Beginners
Build up your skills before you consider going off-grid.
04-05-21 by
How Can You Go Paperless in Your Kitchen?
Going paperless in the kitchen is a lot easier than you might think, especially if you've got easy access to a washing machine.
04-04-16 by
How to Build a Chicken Nesting Box
Build the perfect nesting place for your chickens in just 10 steps.
11-01-22 by