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Displaying 1 - 10 of 677 Articles
a person in a red go kart
Here's how to free up a frozen torque converter.
01-28-20 by Christina Cantres
a row of golf carts
Golf cart motors use a set of 6 batteries.
02-07-20 by Smitha Devadas
A golf cart parked on the green of a golf course.
Golf cart engines are not that different from car or lawn mower engines.
11-01-19 by Tonie Batson
A car on the road.
Auto upholstery repair DIY and save.
12-10-19 by Chris Nickson
A stack of three plastic vehicle bumpers.
Don't pay hundreds for something as simple as a bumper dent.
06-12-20 by Shermaine Williams
someone shining a grey car with a blue cloth
A car paint scratch is a doable DIY project.
09-12-20 by Sage C.
Intake manifold in an engine
Cut the mechanic out of the equation.
11-01-21 by Karl Walker
Pouring transmission fluid into an orange funnel.
Don't let your car's transmission fluid run dry! Fix possible leaks using this advice.
11-11-19 by Bipasha Bhatia
A sign that says "engine coolant only."
A leaking gasket can mean you end up with oil in the coolant system of your vehicle.
11-01-19 by Chris Nickson
coolant system in the car engine
Backflushing is used to completely remove any coolant that remains after the radiator is drained.
12-10-19 by Mindy Hunter